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Test Drive Unlimited 2-first-image
Test Drive Unlimited 2-gallery-image-2
Test Drive Unlimited 2-gallery-image-3
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Test Drive Unlimited 2

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  #### About this game

The latest multiplayer games’ persistency, progression, and customizability are added to the motor racing experience in Test Drive Unlimited 2, revolutionizing the driving genre. Test Drive Unlimited 2 effortlessly combines single-player and multiplayer gameplay to create a dynamic universe with constantly changing challenges and content. Players create their online personas by completely customizing their avatars and automobiles, as well as by purchasing real estate, designer clothes, and other luxuriant lifestyle accessories.

  • TDU2 has seamless online/offline integration, automatic content updates, and an “always live” format. The gameplay will dynamically incorporate new features, challenges, and content as the world changes over time.
  • A brand-new experience that takes you out of the car and into public locations where you may engage with other gamers. The game currently includes many new player-run groups. Follow the leader, keep your distance, and improve the social networking experience in the new cooperative game.
  • Open up a vast array of options and impress friends and competitors with your personalized avatar. Your car can be personalized with unique paint jobs, decals, interiors, and trimmings. Make all of your avatar’s features—hair, clothing, physique, and attitude—personal. Purchase the home or yacht of your dreams, furnish it, and invite your friends.
  • The most sought-after automobiles in the world are yours to drive in Test Drive Unlimited 2. Eden’s expertly honed driving technology flawlessly replicates these ultra-rare classics. Unlock cars made by prestigious companies including Gumpert, Koenigsegg, Aston Martin, Audi, and more.
  • A fresh single-player narrative mode with interesting character development. Test Drive Unlimited 2 will engross you with a compelling story, enduring characters, and captivating cut sequences. Both offline and multiplayer options are available for single-player mode. Make your own personalized avatar and amass wealth.
  • Hit the streets on IBIZA, a brand-new island. This renowned destination comes to life with new terrain types, stunning architecture, and breathtaking views. Explore over 2,000 miles of back roads and black top as you take on thousands of unique missions in this Mediterranean paradise. Additionally, you can fly from the Ibiza airport to Oahu and visit the Hawaiian island like never before, taking on brand-new missions and challenges while traveling on more than 600km of new asphalt and off-road routes.
  • Back in Massively Open Online Racing! Enjoy all co-op and competitive racing modes, level up your character according to your preferred gameplay style and compete against other racers you come across in our high-speed sandbox.
  • Numerous updates, features, and modes have been added, including dynamic weather, day/night, motion blur, automobile damage, a brand-new handling model, and more. Championship, racing school, duels, and cups are new fundamental driving types and game modes. With a completely new class of a vehicle and hundreds of miles of off-road tracks now included in the game, off-road is now featured.


However you play TDU2, you’re likely to miss out on something Eden Games and Atari did extremely well. Whether that’s vehicle paint and decals, avatar fashions, car interiors, a surprisingly robust casino experience, or just some gorgeous scenery in certain out-of-the way places, there’s just way too much good stuff going on in this game to have anyone yawning with a cursory playthrough.

Ten Ton Hammer

Though the production value leaves a lot to be desired, Test Drive: Unlimited 2 has a lot of content, and maxing out your stats and gaining levels in the game provides a fresh take on progression in the automotive genre.

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