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Slay the Spire-first-image
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92 / 100

Slay the Spire

5 490 Ft
  It's a digital key that allows you to download Slay the Spire directly to PC from the official Platforms.

  #### About this game

Slay the Spire is a roguelike deck builder card game where you play as one of four characters trying to climb and destroy the mysterious spire developed by Mega Crit Games. Craft a unique deck, encounter bizarre and dangerous creatures, find powerful artifacts of immense power all in the effort of slaying the ever-changing spire.

  • Discover over 350 plus cards to add to your ever-evolving deck, each time you try to climb the spire different kinds of cards will appear you must discern which ones synergizes and works together well with your deck in order to efficiently destroy all those who stand in your way.
  • As mentioned before the spire changes itself every time you embark on a new journey the layout will constantly shift, it’s your choice whether you want to go to a relatively safe path or a riskier one that gives you plenty of rewards.
  • Other than cards you can enhance your character by obtaining 200+ relics that augment your character with great power, but some of them may come at a cost greater than any gold. You may also find single-use potions that may give you the right edge over an encounter that otherwise you might have lost.
  • In between battle encounters you may also encounter 50+ unique events that may help you or harm you depending on how you interact with them.
  • A Costume mode allows you to experiment with different modifiers, and the daily climb takes those modifiers and makes a completely unique seeded challenge run for you to beat, compete with other players for a spot in the daily high score.


More than any other deck-builder game available, this is one, this is the must-play that may very well break the players who’ve otherwise bounced off of all the rest. When Slay the Spire finally gets ported to the Nintendo Switch later this year, there’s a good chance that nobody’s going to ever get any actual work done again.


A fantastically gripping experience, Slay the Spire grabs you in with its ever-changing deck-building mechanics and presents you with a complex challenge to solve. Its core dynamic gameplay loop begs for experimentation and discovery, leading to thousands of possibilities to achieve victory and promising hundreds of hours of awesome, thrilling gameplay.