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Guild wars 2-first-image
Guild wars 2-gallery-image-2
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Guild wars 2

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  #### About this game

Guild Wars 2 is a free online role-playing game that has two difficult player vs. player modes, fast-paced combat action, an immensely deep lore, and breathtaking vistas to explore that doesn’t require a subscription fee!

  • Explore a Living World: Thousands of storylines come to life in Tyria, and you’ll never know what you’ll discover next each time you play!
  • Action-Oriented Combat: Experience the intense, rapid-fire action in Guild Wars 2. To control the battlefield, you must attack while moving, avoid opponent attacks by dodging and rolling away from them, and work with other players.
  • It’s Your Story: You have a significant impact on Tyria’s future, which has been permanently defined by its history. Create your own character, choose how their narrative develops, and with each decision you make, learn new insights, questions, and truths.
  • Competitive Play for Everyone: Although competitive play in Guild Wars 2 is simple to master, it presents difficulties for both novice players and seasoned PvPers. PvP is where you’ll find the greatest challenge, whether you want to join hundreds of other players in a massive World vs. World fights or prefer to leap into rapid, fierce encounters between small groups of people in organized PvP.


I can count on two hands the games I’ve loved as much as I now love Guild Wars 2. This isn’t just a great example of the genre and arguably the Second Coming of MMOs. It isn’t even just one of the best games I’ve ever played. This is what happens when a group of talented, smart, dedicated, imaginative, bold, consumer-friendly creators get together and spend years solving problems and making something wonderful.

Quarter to Three

Guild Wars 2 is a staggeringly ambitious project that makes a bold statement about the future of the MMORPG. It is living proof that a game of this manner can thrive outside of the subscription business model and the genre’s established conventions.

Digital Spy

Guild Wars 2 surpasses the original in every aspect, from its massive and atmospheric world to its addictive and engrossing gameplay.

Gaming Nexus

 Heroic Edition